Round and Round

Loud, aggressive, intimidating
That is the voice of Ego

Soft, gentle and patient
That is the voice of Spirit

Consciousness inside body
Look down at your hands

Those hands are all yours
The mind is something different

The hands part of body
The mind a frequency system

Consciousness riding
Along your brain structure

When the body goes
The energy remains

Uncloaked from your sheath
That surrounded you this life

Who you really are is inside
Looking out from within

The body is just cells
To ground you to this density

Otherwise you’d float
As invisible as the air

Though I don’t have to tell you
That air is not make-believe

Some people say that Spirit
Is just something all made-up

I assure you it is not
I assure you

There is a voice
Inside of your head

Reading these words
Making them yours

What does that mean
It connects you and I

That is Spirit
Working between us

Language is helpful
To communicate with you

But language is limited
There are only so many words

These limited words
Are insufficient to use

To describe all that is
In the world we can’t see

The world of energy
That supports our life system

The world of energy
That is gaining frequency

We are growing
We are evolving

This is a turning point
In our world history

We are waking up
The world is waking up

What does this mean
How can we help it along

To know body as vehicle
I ask, who is driving you

The unstable, erratic Ego
Or the cautious, careful Spirit

Too many Ego drivers
Causing too many accidents

I have witnessed in my life
Too many Ego drivers

Driving around frantically
Going nowhere fast

Too caught up
In accumulated attachments

Too caught up
In materialistic things

Too caught up
Not realizing life is precious

Too caught up
To realize that life is short

There will never be progress
Until people learn to progress

Until then
It is noise

Be the person
That acts like traffic control

Guiding the Ego drivers
To swerve around the others

Perhaps illuminating
Their dangerous actions

If they cannot be reasoned with
Go along your way, then

Karma will work upon them
Karma will always, always follow

Cyclical circular patters
We keep going round and round

We will keep on going
Until someone stops the ride

And says “Hey, hold up!
We keep going in circles!

Because that’s what we do
Round and round we go.

When my daughter asks
Why is your generation the same?

I will say “I’m sorry,
Nobody could get through.

If we do not change
They will be like us

Fighting over labels
Creating more and more

Division and dividing
Creating more separateness

We have an advantage
This technology at our fingertips

So, which one will you choose
Ego driver or your Spirit

Ego is societal and parental conditioning
All that you have accumulated

Ego will spiral you downwards
Until you’ve become the densest density

It is that very thing
That we must detach from

Spirit is harder to hear
Energetic language is very delicate

It cannot be heard
Over louder frequencies

We grow into these adults
Accumulating too much stuff

Grown children acting out
Pretending that we’re grown

So that they cannot see
The hurt child that is inside.

Thinking this stuff is us
When it is all just stuff

Conditioning, materialism, past
Stuff, stuff and labels

Remove all that stuff
Who are you inside

Are you defined by something
That puts you into a box

Confined to your past
Or the past of others

Confined by a label
There are many to choose from

Confined by limited knowledge
Media is curated just for you

So that you only see
The same thing over again

Hit the like button
The algorithm has you

Echoes of what is on
Our morning and evening news

Social media is alternative
But mostly shadows that

What do you listen to
What media are you consuming

Are you confined by others’ noise
Drowning you silently in their screams

We must realize
That we are all human

There will be no rest
There will be no progress

We are all rich
With our own histories

We are all rich
With our own struggles

We are all rich
With our own qualities

We are all rich
Until we all die

One day I will die, too
They will wire my mouth shut

Closing the same smile
That my parents put braces on

Closing the same smile
That laughter once poured from

Closing the same smile
That I offer you today

Embalm me like the others
We all go the same way

Natural or C-section birth
Cremation or burial

We come in two ways
We go out two ways

The in-between
Is all that really matters

My Spirit will forever speak
Through the lives of my children

The language I teach them
Is the language of Spirit

Still and softly spoken
So that they will hear me

We still cannot hear
The cries of our ancestors

Over all of the noise
There is too much noise

The many Ego drivers
Have caused a major accident

Now we are cleaning up
A very messy scene

When we wake up each day
We are offered a gift

A gift some did not receive
The ones who did not wake today

Use this precious gift
To remind yourself and others

That though our time is brief
We can impact those around us

We must teach our kids
Through our actions, not our words

They will not care
About our self-righteous posts

They will only see
That all we did was cry

Instead of making sure
That they grew up knowing

So make sure that they know
Or else round and round we go

© 2019 KayNotto
All Rights Reserved

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