The Apothecary

Welcome to The Apothecary
Allow me to introduce my stock

Alas, please pick your poison
There are many varieties to choose from

Which poison will be yours
Be careful before you drink it

Or have you come for the antidote
That will counteract your poison

Become intoxicated and you may succumb
To the powers of any poison

Alas, please pick your poison
There are many to choose from

Like the poison called Victimhood
Which slips down the throat with ease

Take this poison with careful consideration
The side-effects can be deadly

Victimhood will leave you feeling bereft
Like they took a piece with them when they left

The poison called Victimhood is quite strong
You will be under the most powerful illusion

This illusion will tell you that you are weak
It will keep you thinking that they stole your power

One side-effect of Victimhood is a loose tongue
Spewing sentences of your misery to others

In hopes to drag them down with you
Desperate cries for attention shrieking out

The antidote is to rise above the side-effects
Of the strong poison called Victimhood

And to realize that your power is sustained
By the rejection of this poison

Be careful of swallowing that poison
For it is difficult to detox from

They will look at you as though you are wounded
And you will feel wounded long after you’ve healed

Are you enjoying your visit to my apothecary
Where I introduce these poisons to you

Alas, please know your antidotes
I once chose the antidote called Faith

Faith that the terrible thing is over
And that it will not touch me again

Faith will counteract the ingested poison
The one that is called Victimhood

It will teach you about how you are not less
But more from this painful experience

Alas, please pick your poison
There are many here to choose from

There is one poison called Religion
Which hides under the guise of good

This poison is masterfully curated
To taste as sweet as honey on the way down

But be careful of consuming too much of this poison
Or you will remain in the dark in this life

The poison called Religion acts methodically
To ensure you only know what is told

Have you swallowed this type of poison
One side-effect will be repulsion while reading these words

I am sorry that you drank too much poison
Perhaps my offer of antidote may soothe you

This particular poison is easily reversible
If provided the antidote called Truth

Truth will counteract each variety of Religion
It will illuminate all that was kept from you

Truth will remove the veil of secrecy
That Religion casts over your eyes

Religion is a sticky poison
Once stuck it is difficult to remove

Alas, you must pick your poison carefully
And remember that some are fed to you

The antidote for any poison is available to you
You just need to know where to find it

There are many poisons available to you
Be prepared and inform yourself before ingesting one

My goal is to offer the antidote list
For some of the more excruciating poisons

The ones which will not detox from you easily
Instead coercing you to ingest more of its venom

In my blood flows a poison called Depression
It takes constant effort to beware its effects

This particular poison is sneaky
And will trick you into thinking it’s you

It is typically sold as a mixture that poison
Combined with other poisons like one called Anxiety

These poisons take longer to leave the system
Because they trick you into thinking they’re gone

You may not even realize you have been poisoned.
These poisons strike at your most vulnerable moments

Flowing through your veins while you shake
Laughing as you desperately try to catch a breath of air

Anxiety will take down your body
While depression works to take down your mind

Slowly the stress crushes you from within
And it wrings out from you all that was good

There are antidotes to these poisons
They are more bitter to ingest

One strong antidote is simply called Trust
And it will never, ever fail you

The thing about Trust is it’s tricky
It takes a whole lot of belief

It is more difficult to swallow this Trust
When the poison is ravaging through the system

Some people will be blind to Trust
They will succumb to the poison in their system

Do not succumb to these poisons
Just call the Poison Control

Welcome to The Apothecary
I am also called Poison Control

I know of these antidotes you seek
Because I once suffered from poisoning

I’ve collected many specimens of the poisons
To demonstrate the benefit of the antidotes

There is one antidote that is my favorite
Is the antidote most often called Dance

When I am feeling the effects of some poisons
I will counteract it with the antidote called Dance

Slowly my rhythm returns
Alongside the steady beat of my heart

To balance body and mind is the antidote
For some of the more stronger poisons

Alas, if you must pick a poison
Remember that these poisons can kill you

I found that out the hard way once
The strength of the poison called Grief

I almost succumbed to its symptoms
Before I found the antidote called Love

I stripped myself bare of it all
And all that was left there was Love

I have ingested many poisons in this life
And I have traveled far and wide for each antidote

I welcome you here to Poison Control
Underneath signage that reads “The Apothecary

So, if you have ingested a poison
Do not worry, but get on your way

Alas, before you pick any poison
Make sure you know all it entails

The antidotes are harder to swallow
Medicine never tastes good you know

The antidotes are carefully curated
To be sure that the strong will ingest them

One last antidote I offer is Tarot
It works in mysterious ways

Much like the God that I speak of in writing
The same God that is shared by both things

Antidote and poison share this same God
This same God that will never abandon you

This same God knows that you are its mirror
And that you and God are one in the same

Religion will have you look outside for God
Truth will see you find God within

That is one key feature to these antidotes
To remove the illusory filters drawn over your eyes

Alas, I must go find more antidotes
For seeking has had me ingest some more poison

This poison is called Rejection
And one uncomfortable side-effect is a strong sting

I believe the antidote may be Understanding
That Truth cannot be forced down the throat

Because sometimes the pill is just too big
For the ones too inebriated to swallow

One day they may become less intoxicated
And then I will offer them Truth

Thank you for stopping by The Apothecary
May you distinguish poison from antidote

Most important of all is to remember
That sometimes it all tastes the same

© 2019 KayNotto
All Rights Reserved

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