Tasked to explain
The unexplainable

Talk to the dead
The way that I do

Spirit always speaks

Harsh realities
Too harsh to write

My wanting
To spare you

The suffering of growth

The truth is
Love and light

Are trendy words
Not much more

The spiritual façade
Grows with each day

The rugs on the wall
The incense in a bowl

The quick tarot cards
The crystal collection

You do not need it

These items of material
Less important than you

More important is you
And how your mind is

Is it crammed full
Accumulated clutter

Scrolling social media
Absorbing more garbage

Instead of working
Through the hard stuff

Remaining distant
From the discomfort

Healing hurts
Opening wounds

Scars on our psyche
Invisible to others

Yet pulsing and painful
We try our best to ignore

Until you can’t ignore it

In the stillness
That silent place

Is the quiet place
We communicate

Spirit is unable to yell over
These loud internal voices

Worrying about the past
Worrying about the future

Spending time scrolling online
Accumulating others’ energies

Disconnect sometimes

Remove the thick blanket
Woven around your eyes

From fabric derived of
Societal constructs and more

These things
Are not you

These things
Made you, you

To become the observer
Observing and understanding

The position you’re in
The position we’re in

We are more connected than you think

Spirit has gathered
In a once empty room

Pleading with me now
To relay messages to you

You will feel when they talk
You can see if you try to

In this room I created
That lives in my mind

This room has an “OPEN” sign
Your guides are there, too


That you’re getting there

Until you can speak spirit
Let me translate for you

Because spirit is loud
Yet surprisingly subtle

And until I can tell you
Exactly what that means

I’ll write poems

© 2019 KayNotto
All Rights Reserved

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