I asked her one morning
What happens when we die

She said that angels tickled us
All the way up to heaven

One night I asked her
What I would ever do

If she left

She replied
She would never

I could never leave you
She told me that night

She was right

I thought she left
This one horrible day

She closed her eyes
For the last time

Or so I thought

I was ready
To find her


This barrier
Was too much

Too painful
Too distancing

I couldn’t live without her

So one day she showed me
That I would never have to

She showed up
And I trusted that

So now I remind you

They’ll never leave you
They couldn’t possibly

I wouldn’t be here
If they did leave

I wouldn’t have had kids
If we just vanish like that

Couldn’t put them through it

I leave these poems
Like little road maps

Where they will find me
One day when I’m gone


© 2019 KayNotto
All Rights Reserved

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