It’s Easy

It is easy to forget
How little people know

How easily fooled
They are by fear

It is easy to succumb
To the pain grief causes

The piercing, fiery stabbing
That is felt within the heart

It is easy to remember
Through new anxieties

Because grief has taught
Its cruel lesson to you

It is easy to think
Life is out of control

Spiraling downwards
Unable to catch a break

It is difficult to imagine
The worlds we cannot see

Intertwined with ours
Surrounding us always

It is difficult to explain
The connection we have

To source, to others
To those here and lost

It is hard to perceive
Life after bodily death

We are easily blinded
By our limited senses

It is hard to describe
Birthing a new human

Bringing consciousness in
Completing another cycle

It is hard to ignore
The rising threats

New fears, new what-ifs
Threatening our peace

It is easy to return
To the silence within

If willing to look
For a moment

May you find ease
On the difficult days

To find the quiet
& make a noisy world


© 2019 KayNotto
All Rights Reserved

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