Sacred Heart

You get to a point where
All of a sudden it’s okay

And all of the things that hurt you
Are over with and done and gone

You realize all the people who’ve left
Haven’t actually left you at all and

The people who are still here may never
Replace those people who once were

It’s a finality or a solace knowing that
They were one of a kind and that’s ok

Because you knew them
Because you loved them

And for a time
They were yours

The challenge lies in taking that pain
That pain that twists at your heart

Like a seared knife on a hot flame
Slowly turning so you feel the fire

Within every vein, vessel and limb
Because they were ripped from you

That pain turns into a strength
That becomes your armor to wear

So that they can fight alongside you
Strengthening you from where they are

To remind you that they are here
And to remind you that you still are

As your life continues to ebb and flow
Through the joys and the darker times

Know that they root for you always
Hidden in the armor of your soul

Sacred, sitting in that spot carved out
By the same knife that almost killed you

Your heart is not broken
It is being repaired by love

Healing is a painful process involving
Scars and a will to fight and keep going

So if you’re in the midst of your battle
With your heart bleeding on the floor

I’ll sit with you until the love stops it
And patches up the pain you feel

Like they would have
If they were still here

© 2019 KayNotto
All Rights Reserved


  1. Beautiful lines:

    Because you knew them
    Because you loved them

    And for a time
    They were yours

    This is lovely, direct, and perfectly poetic. I think these lines are some of your finest because they are simple, yet sophisticated.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! This one came straight from the feels out of nowhere — A reminder of the strong force that brought me here to write in the first place. I’m so glad to have you as a friend here and appreciate those words more than you know. 💕


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