I missed the blatant ignorance
That used to offer inner peace

The not knowing the dark side
Of this beautiful, great earth

The thinking that we are all good
And honestly doing what we can

I missed that blatant ignorance
Until I realized the underlying cost

That consciousness provides more
Context, texture and feeling to life

The peaceful people remain ignorant
Of the realities that we live through

But until the experience touches them
They will never empathize with suffering

Choosing the safety net of ignorant bliss
Because it is still peaceful where that is

Deriving feeling from media
Rather than from lived lives

It is not our words that will fix what was done
But our actions and reparations over time

It will take dismantling more of our ego
Dissolving physical until we find spirit

This deafening strife is just the lens
That illuminates truth en masse

If discouraged, we are living in war
Between ourselves and with our past

This does not equate to our demise
But our death and rebirth into better

More conscious, more aware
More kind to other humans

Realizing that under all our labels
We share the same collective soul

Be gentle with yourself as we grow
Growing pains are painful for most

Let the fear and terror subside
Overridden by strong love and faith

Tell our kids what we know
Teach them to do better

And we’ll be okay in the end

© 2019 KayNotto
All Rights Reserved

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