*This post contains spoilers for
Spiderman: Far From Home

Have you seen the new Spiderman movie
The one where The Elementals ravage earth

And Mysterio looks like a good guy until he
Shows his true identity and Spidey finds out

I mention this movie in particular not for
The incredibly attractive people in the movie

But for one major, major hint at our society
Looking through the lens of a supervillain

He almost fooled me

He almost won, he duped so many people
And you know what he said before he died

He said people want something to believe in
So desperately, that they will believe anything

That alludes to our society and the truth that
There are fear mongering campaigns ready to

Dismantle you if on the brink of anxiety or
Depression thinking we have no future left

We do

The strife that we see and the destruction
Is the way mother earth is healing herself

But instead of posting on social media some
Silly blurb about how we are all doomed

Maybe don’t

Instead look inwards at your actions and
The things that you can personally do to

Accomplish peace that we are apparently
So far away from that it’s too fucking late

Because it isn’t

Social media is a tool to communicate
A technological advancement that instead

Has us imploding our minds before the
Earth will have any sort of chance to get you

They are projecting fear

If you lay awake in bed at night wondering
Why the ocean is on fire or why plastic will

Kill fertility in most men by 2045 step up
Instead of posting and scaring more people

Post some ideas then

You hide behind a wall of likes
You become deluded in the clout

Performing activism when all you are
Is adding fuel to a fear mongering campaign

Wake up

The kids don’t know that the internet lies
And instead of looking for ways to help earth

They will drown in Xanax because it’s too scary
To even imagine a hope beyond this point

Keep it up

Our futures don’t depend on
performative activists

Who hide behind a screenshot of a
Half-researched topic

That was mostly researched on Google
Without sources

Please know that these people are
Not scientists

Do your research

The fear mongering is annoying
Because we will be fucking fine

Because we are making efforts
We just don’t post about it

Choose your fighter

© 2019 KayNotto
All Rights Reserved

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