Your grief is like a beacon
Of light to which I’m drawn

The calls of pain and heartache
Distinct and familiar to my own

The yearning and suffering felt
Because they left so suddenly

Our lives eternally different
Your love will stay the same

Our love is what remains here
Long after the body leaves us

It remains in and outside of us
Woven into our environment

Where we can find them again
If we find the strength to look

That suffocating feeling of grief
Yet somehow you’re still alive

I know it
I’m sorry

To replace that lost breath
Allow me to offer insight

Because when I lost her
Part of me went missing

And I wanted to die
I wanted to die too

For one more chance
To be together again

On the brink of ending it
Was where she met me

It was where she delved into
The secrets withheld from me

That we do not die
That our bodies do

Years of communication
Years without her here

Yet it feels as though
She never really left

My life is dedicated
To spilling the secret

And now I see you
With your beacon

Waiting for your message
Waiting for that same sign

Tell them how you feel
They will never leave you

Tell them that you miss them
They miss you just as much

They want to see you too
They want to hold you too

To them it will be instant
Time is an earthly prison

Obscuring our true vision
With limited perception

They guide us in our lives
Regardless of if we know

Because one day
We will all know


© 2019 KayNotto
All Rights Reserved

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