The requirement for solitude is a high priority for me. I need the time and space alone to collect my thoughts and process my experiences without becoming too overwhelmed.

Thankful for some time off work, I headed back this week after two weeks off, though most of my “vacation” was spent in bed.

But it gave me an opportunity to focus critically on myself for the first time in a long time, and now I’m writing again.

My job is in mechanical maintenance and I’ve been working in the skilled trades for over seven years.

Deciding to go back to college after obtaining my university degree was not an easy decision, especially since I struggled for the entire duration of my bachelor’s program.

When I graduated from there, I didn’t go to the ceremony because I was just so exhausted and relieved that it was over and I had my degree.

It did not feel like a celebration.

In contrast, I was very excited to be part of my college festivities post-graduation. It was like experiencing two totally different worlds.

Sociology offered career paths that I didn’t really resonate with, so I made the decision to apply to college to become a millwright.

It was scary, but going into some career for the rest of my life that I hated was the scarier option.

When I started working in steel manufacturing in 2014, I started with a large group set to replace a number of retirees, some of whom had worked there for forty years or more.

I took that chance to learn as much as I could, as fast as I could.

Recently, a journeyman that I worked under passed away due to an unexpected illness.

This loss impacted me greatly as he was a great teacher and friend, and was one of the guys that earnestly rooted for my achievements.

Unfortunately I am intimate with death, but fortunately my views have allowed me peace knowing that the roughest part of the death of a loved one is accepting their physical departure.

They never truly leave, and they definitely don’t stop rooting for us.

The role I took on in recent years is a mechanical maintenance planner.

I am mostly responsible for organizing the jobs on the shop floor with regards to labor, parts and other aspects that we encounter during a typical work day.

Over the past year, I have struggled with an increase in anxiety and depression symptoms, and my social media hiatus has been largely due to those issues affecting me again.

There are some weeks that see me post daily, and some that I post nothing at all, but keeping tabs on my mental health has been routine for me since my mom died and I refuse to sacrifice my sanity in the public arena some days.

The symptoms of HG seem to be subsiding a lot earlier than in my first pregnancy, so much so that I am able to eat small meals during the day.

Bananas are my refuge on the bad days and hunger is the enemy, but overall I am managing.

Last Sunday my family and I spent the day walking around Toronto because I really wanted to visit the city, but I was only feeling up to it on my last day off. It was gorgeous.

We ate at one of my absolute favorite spots called Ramen Misoya and headed to Trinity Bellwoods park to eat it as a picnic lunch. I ordered the Vegetarian Miso Curry while my husband chose the Vegetarian Gold Kome Miso, and both were absolutely delicious as usual.

My three year old daughter ate her weight in noodles and veggies, and then we headed out.

Finally, Kim’s Convenience recently announced it was ending, so we decided to visit the store that is featured on the show. We popped in for some frozen treats and got some great shots of the well-known exterior before we left.

I’m so excited to head back for more good food and shopping after staying away due to the eternal-seeming pandemic.

D…del…delta variant…Don’t you even dare!

As for now, I am about to hit the shower after another productive work day, but I want to shout out a few of the products that have really wowed me over the past few weeks.

Due to my work and living environment being so dry and my wanting to grow my hair out, my fine, thin hair has been unmanageable.

The Verb Ghost Duo, Dae Monsoon Mask, Verb Ghost Oil and the Sephora Air Dry Styling Cream have transformed my hair completely.

Not only do all of the above items smell heavenly but my hair has never looked better in my entire adult life.

If interested I can give an average daily routine, but if I can offer one piece of advice for growing hair out it’s to replace the elastic hair-tie with a scrunchie.

I experienced a hell of a lot less breakage on average and saw significantly less damage mid-strand.

My life changed drastically for the better because I started to believe in myself, and for a while there, I didn’t. So I am gently reminding you that happiness comes from within, not from the expectations or unsolicited opinions of others.

It it so freeing.

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All Rights Reserved

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