I shared a vulnerable moment on my Instagram story today, as I’ve been struggling with my mental health.

I’m feeling so much better and wanted to say thank you if you reached out. I feel incredibly supported and was glad to have been honest with you.

The symptoms of anxiety and depression have amplified while my body struggles with an increase of HG symptoms. I throw up constantly.

Instead of spending my vacation enjoying the weather and local beaches, I was bedridden for most of it and go back to work on Monday.

I’m choosing to look on the bright side.

My latest IG post caption mentions how I will likely never travel by plane again. I probably won’t.

I am instead quite happy to explore locally and by land to other provinces and countries, especially neighboring cities.

We visited Toronto twice during my vacation, and it did not disappoint. I miss living there.

This summer, I couldn’t enjoy my usual beer-on-a-patio-somewhere, but the food we ate surely made up for the missed experience!

Toronto offers some of the best vegan and vegetarian cuisine and restaurant choices are abundant on almost every block.

The pregnancy symptoms are severe and constant, but I intake as much food as I can despite not always retaining it.

This summer we took our food to-go to hit up parks to eat picnic-style.

Our daughter always has the best experience outside, and she loves to play at the playground afterwards while we pack up.

The other day we couldn’t decide between two restaurants, so we chose to eat at one for lunch and the other for dinner.

Lunch was spent at Saigon Lotus near Kensington Market, and we chose to eat inside for this meal because it was hot outside and decided to take refuge in the air conditioning.

Saigon Lotus offers a range of vegan-vegetarian items based off popular Vietnamese dishes such as pho, and boasts an extensive and incomparable menu.

I personally enjoy the vegan meat pho and stir-fried vermicelli as my main courses, or a vegan combo, and the mushroom dumplings as an appetizer are my go-to items.

After walking twelve kilometers around the city, for dinner we took The Hogtown Vegan to-go and ate outside a local community center at a picnic table under a tree.

It was perfect.

This restaurant is fully vegan as its name suggests, and I like to alternate between the Buffalo Chick’n Caesar Wrap and the Southern Combo.

The latter has mac n’ cheese, collard greens and fried chick’n and both options are unreal taste and portion-wise.

We chose the combo for our daughter and she enjoyed everything, even devouring the greens!

If you are visiting TO and curious about where to eat based off a plant-based lifestyle, rest assured the options are endless to satisfy your craving, no matter what it is.

On my best days I cleaned my home and performed my extensive skincare routine.

On the worst of them I enjoyed taking a hot bath, making a light meal for myself and resting after dropping my daughter off at daycare.

It allowed me to get done the tedious housework that I do during the day so that I could spend quality time with her and my husband at night. He works hard, too.

Ultimately, it will only be us three for a short while longer.

Tonight I’ll throw on my Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Multi-Recovery Complex Serum as I had received it as a sample and fell in love instantly.

My only regret is that I missed the Nighttime Necessities Repair + Lift + Hydrate collection for $99 CAD which is a steal and already out of stock on the Sephora website!

The 1.7oz I purchased was $132 CAD and I will repurchase the three-piece above after I run out because you get two other products with an ounce of the serum included.

Benefits I’ve personally experienced from this serum are long-lasting hydration, morning glow and a significant decrease in the fine lines that I have been battling.

I’m trying my best to age naturally, and this product knocks it out of the park as an integral part of my daily skincare maintenance routine.

I use the serum four or five times per week, nightly.

The other product that I’m alternating with right now is the LANEIGE Water Sleeping Mask ($33 CAD) which has saved my year-round dry skin.

Neither of these products break me out, and I love the smell of the sleeping mask especially. It smells clean and refreshing, and I’ll repurchase it in the future, too.

I’ve been obsessed with skincare and makeup since I was twelve and now that I’m thirty-three, my routine has changed significantly.

My plant-based diet has transformed my skin from the inside out, but these gems have boosted my routine and exceeded my expectations.

These days I fight wrinkles and fine-lines instead of acne, but I’m notoriously impossible to please in the search for flawless skin.

We all age and I’ve long since accepted my imperfections, but this gal won’t refuse a little help if it’s available.

It’s easy to focus on the negative aspects of life because they hit so hard, but I adamantly seek out the little wins.

My passed-on loved ones refuse to give up on me, thus I refuse to let them down and trek-on in their honor, finding them hidden in the places that I seek.

For now, it’s back to work maintaining machinery while simultaneously trying to maintain myself.

Thanks for reading.

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All Rights Reserved

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