Burger King


I thought I would kick-start my food review section by talking about some delicious hole-in-the wall restaurant.

But, we visited Niagara Falls today and I was majorly impressed by…


In my days at Brock University and as a student in the surrounding Niagara area, one issue always stood out to me, especially when visiting the falls.

Vegetarian restaurants…or a lack thereof.

It doesn’t seem to have changed in that respect, and the tourism areas are especially heavy with chain restaurants such as Boston Pizza, Kelsey’s an other run-of-the-mill chains that lean towards chicken, beef and seafood, mostly.

But, Burger King was impressive, and right on Clifton Hill!

I had an Impossible Burger Combo, and the patty was so real tasting that I was skeptical if I had been given actual meat by accident.

Nope! 100% plant based burger.

Skip the mayo and it would be vegan!

A big, juicy patty that tasted almost identical to the regular Whopper that I remember from my youth!

Lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, ketchup, mayo…ugh.

It was loaded, and so good.

Burger King is awesome if you are looking for a quick bite right in the heart of the tourist-packed falls, and a short walk away from the Casino, falls and other attractions!

We are definitely going to return to try something on the outskirts and can’t wait to visit again.

Until next time, I will definitely be hitting up a local BK to satisfy the cravings that The Impossible Whopper has induced.

Price is around $12.00 CAD for a combo, including fries & a drink.

Visit their website here for more.

Bon Appetit!

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