Oh, all the aches and pains
The cravings, the insomnia

The morning sickness
The all-day sickness

The being tired at work
The being tired at home

Running around after a toddler
While preparing for another one

Motherhood is glamorized
And it is indeed glamourous

At the same time
It is absolutely not

It is worrying myself sick
It is always fearing the worst

Wondering if I am doing it right
Or if I should be doing it at all

It is late night cuddles
Sneaking into my bed

Precious sleep interrupted
But you are only small once

So I will cuddle you
I will take care of you

Knowing that our time is short
Knowing one day you will grow

And I will miss the insomnia
I will still be worrying then

I may still fear the worst
Always hoping for the best

Knowing that you came here
To grow and live and learn

Just like I did
A long time ago

Motherhood is so hard
But it is so effortless too

It is an absolute dream come true
Equipped with brand-new nightmares

It is tears from you and me
It is a give and a take situation

You give me your love
I gave you this new life

Turning my wanderlust
Into a permanent home

For you I would do it again
Even the hardest aspects

Because despite it all
We are together again

Lifetime after lifetime
Eternally tied together

Our souls having met once
And never choosing to let go

There are days I miss my mom
There are days she feels so close

And I hope that one day when I go
You will feel my love around, too

I spill love on you like an overflowed cup
Knowing it will always need replenished

Because on the day that I am gone
You might need that extra sip

My body has shown me
That bodies are amazing

These wonderous shells an
Outward expression of love

My parents gave me this one
We as parents give you yours

For this short time in the universe
We are intertwined once again

And will be again
Please know that

I love you
I love you


© 2019 KayNotto
All Rights Reserved


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