Ramen Misoya

Today I was delivered ramen to satisfy yet another extreme craving.

There was only one place in my mind when I thought about eating it:

Ramen Misoya in Toronto, ON.

We moved back to Ancaster, but travel often to the city, and today was the day!

My husband was biking around the city and asked if I wanted it brought home.

Um, YES please!

It did not disappoint, though that may be misleading because it never does.

Plus, the service is fantastic to boot!

Friendly staff, savory ramen, we have never had a bad meal or experience here.

Today I chose the Vegetarian Silver Shiro Miso with an egg added on.

Between the perfect noodles, toppings and full-flavored broth, I am one happy lady.

And a very full one.

We normally eat-in, and sometimes take our ramen to-go to Trinity Bellwoods Park to picnic.

We had it a few weeks ago (I think I have talked about it on a blog episode) and I wanted more.

If you live locally or are in the area travelling, this spot is a must-try for a satisfying meal.

Next year, sans-pregnancy, I will wash it down with an ice-cold beer, a perfect pairing.

Thank you, Ramen Misoya, and I promise we will see one another again very soon!

Price is $13.50 CAD for the Vegetarian Silver Shiro Miso ramen.

Please visit their website here for menu, prices and further information.

Bon Appetit!

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