Mystic Ramen

Ramen, ramen…RAMEN!

Maybe if I chant that three times in a mirror, it’ll appear.

If there is one thing I could eat every single day, it’s that.

On Saturday, we discovered a local spot for this specialty.

It’s called Mystic Ramen located in downtown Hamilton!

Vegan special, anyone?

Located conveniently at the Hamilton Farmer’s Market downtown, this spot was surreal!

I must give credit to the warm welcome and exceptional customer service we received on our visit.

My toddler was offered crayons and paper to play with, which kept her busy while we waited for our food to arrive, and (who I found out later is Heather, one of the owners) was so kind and understanding, even offering a Baby Yoda toy if we needed another distraction!

Thank you, Heather.

Moms may know that sometimes juggling a toddler on an outing can be difficult, but she made our experience effortless.

The ramen was equally as exceptional and we chose the Vegan Tantanmen special with Beyond Meat “minced pork.”

It blew me away with the broth, noodle and topping combination, and this joint has gained new regulars.

They offer vegan and vegetarian options daily.

The noodles were out of this world, the broth creamy and perfectly spiced and the minced pork was some of the best faux-meat I have ever tasted.

I highly recommend this spot if looking for an authentic-tasting ramen while visiting the downtown core.

Be sure to visit early because it’s so good, the bowls go fast!

I cannot wait to return for a second (and then millionth) bowl of tasty noodle soup.

Price is $14.00 CAD for their Vegan Tantanmen Special.

Be sure to check them out here!

Bon Appetit!

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