Taste of Home: Taco Night

I am eternally grateful for the person that invented beefless crumble.

It makes taco night part of our weekly rotation at home, and so easy!

With this recipe, you get all the flavor of tacos, without the meat!

And, it’s easy to make, too.

“Beef” Tacos


One package of beefless crumble

Beyond Meat or Gardein work great!


1 Green Pepper
1 Sweet Onion
1 Can Corn Niblets (Drained)

Feel free to add more!

Sauce & Spices

Old El Paso Taco Kit

We buy the hard & soft shell combo

Garnish & Toppings

Tomatoes (Diced)
Shredded Cheese
Hot Sauce


Vegetable Oil

To Cook

1. Fry green pepper and onion until soft, then add-in corn and mix
2. Once onions are translucent (not brown) add-in meat until meat is browned
3. Add-in taco seasoning from kit and cook according to package directions
4. When done, cook shells according to package directions (doesn’t take long!)
5. Garnish with toppings as mentioned above, and enjoy!

Cooking Tips

Leftovers are great for work-lunches and there are so many options!

We purchase white-sauce (garlic sauce) from shawarma restaurants and will top rice with leftover meat, white-sauce and veggies.

It is the perfect way to refresh the recipe and use up all of the leftover ingredients!

I use spring-mix for the lettuce, which can be used for taco-salad the next day.

Top salad with crispy tortilla strips (PC brand are great!) or crumble day-old shells, and whichever dressing you prefer for a satisfying salad.

Nothing goes to waste in this household!

Bon Appetit!

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All Rights Reserved

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