Popular Culture

I have never been a fan of superhero movies.

But on my first maternity leave, I was enthralled with a lot of older television shows, including I Love Lucy and Batman.

The original Bruce Wayne was handsome, and the show was so out-there that it offered a new taste of a genre that I once despised.

The action in superhero movies, the blowing-up-everything paired with the loud scenes were a major turn-off and overstimulating to me.

It was like watching something that I could not pinpoint where to look, and I didn’t enjoy them.

So, I turned to movies like The Neverending Story or Return to Oz and later, Harry Potter.

And I would always read the book first.

There is only so much you can cram into a two-hour movie, but it was always cool to see who Hollywood chose to represent the story and characters developed in my mind.

I had assumed Joker (2019) would be the same type of action movie that I was used to seeing on the big-screen, but it was dark, deep and rich, and honestly, unexpected.

Joaquin Phoenix had me feeling both hatred and empathy for his character, and by the end I was invested in Batman and its background more than I’d ever been before.

Well done, Hollywood. Well done.

Today I will drink all the coffee and prepare for the next two weeks at work as we head into our two major shutdowns of the year.

That means cleaning house, doing groceries and ensuring any stress that I can preemptively remove from the week is done.

And eating all our take-out leftovers.

Hamilton has been impressive with its plant-based food joints and options, and I’ve been writing about them, too.

You can find all of the delicious entries here if interested.

This weekend was spend accumulating the energy that had been depleted over the last week.

Shutdown preparation comes fast in my line of work, and it takes a toll mentally as I work to ensure my part is done and the guys are prepared from my end.

Ensuring work order packages are printed, parts have arrived and are staged as appropriate and resources are aligned to ensure the work gets done.

It is a lot of meetings with tradespeople and our scheduler, a lot of stress, and then poof just like that, the shutdown arrives and I can breathe.

Sometimes I wish I was out on the line again, taking one of those work orders and doing the job, but I thoroughly enjoy this type of stress.

It reminds me of the pressure in university to get essays written in a short timeframe, and when I hand it in to the trade specialists to look at, it’s no different than being graded by a professor.

Except now I get paid for it and my “report card” is my performance review.

It is a welcome new chapter in my life.

It still boggles my mind that I graduated from university with my BA ten whole years ago.

One of my favorite electives was PCUL (Popular Culture) and it offered new perspective on things often overlooked in society, like graffiti art and other subcultures.

Today I find myself photographing the art in the city with a developed reverence for it, birthed in that class and grown over the years.

When they say education lasts a lifetime, I now understand what my professors and parents were trying to say, though at the time, I struggled.

Social anxiety prevented me from really enjoying my university experience, but I am able to re-read course texts and apply the knowledge to my life today.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that if you are struggling now, you may find yourself here, years down the road, enjoying these things with newfound appreciation.

Situations change, we grow, but knowledge and education lasts a lifetime.

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