Paradise Subs

Can you really beat a good sub?

Veggie subs are both simple and delicious.

But nothing beats a good Ma and Pa sub shop!

That’s where Paradise Subs comes in.

You can get a standard sub almost anywhere.

But not ones that taste like theirs!

This place is family owned, and the customer service is as amazing as their subs.

Located on Upper Paradise Road on the Hamilton Mountain, it can’t be beat.

From the soft, fresh bakery-style bread to the perfect toppings and sauce, this place is a frequent stop during the week.

They are closed on Mondays, but Tuesday-Sunday we are there a lot.

We also pick up extras for work!

There is something about the flavor combo of sauce, bread and veggies that keep me hooked.

They remind me of the subs I had from a small shop near my high-school, only better.

They also have a ton of meat options.

I’ve never been without having to wait in line, though they are really quick in turnaround.

Excellent service, amazing subs and an environment that will secure you as a regular.

Price is about $4.50 CAD per veggie sub.

Visit their Facebook page here.

Bon Appetit!

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