Taste of Home: Turk’y Dinner

Almost every Sunday, my mom used to cook roast beef, or something more extravagant than our average weekday meals.

On Sundays in our household today, we have a similar tradition, save for the meat.

This meal works great for holidays like Christmas, which we often do, but is delicious year-round.

Plus, it makes for a wonderful dinner for guests or a dinner party, and can be made entirely vegan with some slight substitutions as well.

This recipe does not have serving sizes included because you can make as much or as little as you like, depending on family size or preferences.

Add more or less of each item to suit your needs.

Meat (Choose One)

Tofurky Vegetarian Roast
Gardein Brand Stuffed Turk’y
Gardein Brand Turk’y Cutlets
Gardein Turk’y Roast

Veggies (Choose one…or more!)

Russet Potatoes
Green or Yellow Beans
Brussels Sprouts
Corn Niblets (Canned)
Green Beans (Canned)
Peas & Carrots (Canned)


Choose any gravy-mix based on personal preference:

Most meatless turk’y comes with gravy packets
Swiss Chalet Homestyle Gravy
Simply Organic Vegetarian Brown Gravy
Club House Brown Gravy (it’s meatless!)

Other Items

Sour Cream (optional)
Philadelphia Plain or Herb & Garlic Cream Cheese

Garlic Powder

Cranberry Sauce

Dessert (Choose one or more!)

Apple Pie
Ice Cream

Or choose your favourite dessert!

To Cook

Cook times will depend on how much (or how little) you decide to make, adjust accordingly.

1. Preheat oven according to turk’y directions
2. Prepare vegetables by cleaning and cutting in preparation for steaming
3. Place water and colander on stove in preparation for steamed vegetables
4. Place washed, skinless (or skin-on if desired) potatoes in large pot covered with water
5. Set aside gravy mix and water
6. If using frozen gravy packets included in meat package, place in bowl with hot water to thaw
7. Boil potatoes until soft enough to mash, using fork to check tenderness after about 15-20 minutes of boiling, depending on how many are in the pot
8. Steam vegetables of choice for about 15 minutes
9. If using canned vegetables, cook on stove according to directions or heat in microwave
10. Prepare gravy at the end (cooks fast)
11. Once vegetables are steamed, place in bowl and toss with butter and garlic powder, tasting frequently to suit preferences (for canned we only use butter)
12. Mash potatoes manually, adding in a small amount of milk, butter, and sour cream (about a tablespoon if say using 7-10 potatoes), finally adding in cream cheese (about one small container for the aforementioned amount of potatoes) until desired creaminess while mashing with electric beater
13. Salt and pepper can be added after plating
14. Slice Tofurky or plate personal stuffed turk’y items
15. Plate with vegetables, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and gravy, serve immediately while hot

Cooking Tips

Honey glazed carrots work well with this meal and can be made in advance.

Turk’y takes on average about a half-hour to cook.

Potatoes are the most time-consuming item with boiling and mashing time included.

For softer vegetables, add about five minutes to steaming time, we like them with a little crunch!

Serve with soft dinner rolls and table butter or margarine for a complete dinner.

Use almond milk or alternative dairy items (such as Earth Butter) instead of the above mentioned for a convenient vegan dinner option.

We usually pair two fresh vegetables to steam (Ex. carrots & broccoli or cauliflower & brussels sprouts) with one canned vegetable on the side.

This meal takes much less time to make than ones including typical meat items such as roast beef or turkey.

Garden salad makes an excellent appetizer.

Butter, salt & pepper can be added individually to suit taste and dietary preferences.

Pickles can be added to the table for guests to graze.

Dessert rounds-off this filling meal.

Tea or coffee makes for an excellent aperitif.

This meal pairs well with red or white wine.

Bon Appetit!

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