The Hearty Hooligan

To say this place impressed me is an understatement.

The Hearty Hooligan has been “keeping vegan trashy since 2017,” they say!

It is located on Ottawa Street in Hamilton.

We tried three items featured on their menu.

The three cheese quesadilla, chicken salad wrap & chicken caesar wrap.

You would never have known they were vegan!

I’m sometimes wary with vegan cheeses, but the mayo and cheese in these recipes were outstanding.

The cheese quesadilla was particularly impressive, and my toddler loved it!

The chicken salad wrap tasted almost identical to real chicken salad, too.

Plus, we added buffalo sauce to the chicken caesar wrap, which added extra zing!

Not only were the wraps gigantic and fairly priced, but they were delicious.

I haven’t had a “chicken salad” since becoming a vegetarian, it was so good.

On top of it all, the service was fantastic.

We will be stopping by this place again, and I can’t wait to try their smoothies.

Thanks, Hearty Hooligan!

Price is $9.00 CAD for the chicken salad wrap, $11.00 CAD for the quesadilla & $12.50 for the chicken Caesar wrap.

Find their website here for more information.

Bon Appetit!

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