Saigon Lotus

When we lived in TO, I had a favorite restaurant.

It is called Saigon Lotus on St. Andrew Street.

It’s still one of my favorites.

Their entire menu is worth bragging about.

This place offers a fully vegan Vietnamese menu.

I have never tried something I didn’t like on it.

This weekend, I tried their new banh mi sandwich and it was delicious!

The crispy bun, the flavorful meat, all of it was mouthwatering.

My appetite has increased with this pregnancy, and I also ate a large pho soup.

My go-to is #20, vegan pho with assorted meat.

I also really enjoy the fresh rolls, vermicelli bowls and mushroom dumplings.

And the exotic fried rice, pan fried pho, well, you get the idea. It’s ALL good.

The atmosphere is welcoming, and both the service and the food are unbeatable.

Plus, it is only steps away from Kensington Market, and you can explore locally afterwards with a full belly.

Thank you for an always unsurpassable experience, Saigon Lotus.

Price: $14.00 CAD for large pho, $12.00 for banh mi combo including fries & bubble tea.

To visit their social media, click here.

Bon Appetit!

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