What a gorgeously crisp, fall day.

The sun is shining, the are leaves falling.

The season change marks a palpable change within.

Summer was hard, and felt it long and drawn out.

The cooler weather brings relief.

As I prepare the nursery, I am growing excited.

Next week, we find out baby’s gender.

The faint kicks in my belly are welcome after months of feeling sick and defeated.

My mood is improving, and I look forward to having this child earth-side.

Plus, I can’t wait to be able to exercise again and once again feel like my energetic self.

Because of the issues experienced this pregnancy, I have been mostly only been able to rest.

After several scares and heartbeat checks, I feel a wave of relief with each day that passes.

It makes me sad to know I will look back on this pregnancy with fraught emotion.

But, I know that once the baby is here, this will all be a memory I can store away forever.

As I prepare for maternity leave, I feel a sense of sadness to have to leave work for so long.

After all, I love my career, perhaps a little too much.

Work offers a sense of routine and normalcy.

Despite that, I wholeheartedly plan on making the most of my upcoming year off.

Plans to explore Toronto with my children and to eat ramen until my heart is content.

I ease into my leave this time feeling much more confident than the first time around.

Lesser unknowns, more preparedness and a little more of understanding what to expect.

During my first maternity leave, I created this website, and it has grown so much since its start.

What started as a way for me to connect has grown into a community of its own.

This space has allowed me to divulge my innerworkings with people who resonate.

And, true to its intent, it leaves something for my children to read later on.

There is so much that I look forward to.

No wedding, but a simple name change.

No cottage, but a second home in Toronto.

Changes that truly reflect who we are.

Simplicity and adventure while exploring the city that remains my biggest muse.

Life has become busy, but for that, I am grateful.

Mommy, can you cook pasta for breakfast?”

I am being summoned by my three-year-old.


© 2019 KayNotto
All Rights Reserved


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