Sticky Tofu & Paneer

This recipe is quick and delicious, offering up tons of plant-based protein.

With tofu and paneer, there is also a variety in texture and taste.

This is my go-to pre-workout meal.

It is easy to make, and not too heavy.


1 Tofu Block
1 Paneer Block
1 Medium-Sized Bell Pepper
½ to Full Sweet Onion
PC Memories of Thailand Sweet Chili Pepper Sauce
Pc Memories of Szechwan Mild Peanut Satay Sauce

Coconut Oil

To Cook

1. Cut paneer and tofu into squares or cubes.
2. Dice bell pepper and onion into bite-sized slivers.
3. Coat the bottom of large frying pan with coconut oil, and fry protein in batches until golden brown.
4. Set cooked paneer and tofu aside.
5. Add more coconut oil to pan if needed, and fry veggies for about five minutes until starting to soften, but do not brown.
6. Take vegetables off heat when they are still crunchy, but fragrant, and set aside.
7. Place paneer in one frying pan, and tofu in another, splitting veggies between the two.
8. Add enough peanut sauce to tofu pan and sweet chili sauce to paneer pan to cover protein and veggies.
9. Fry both pans on low, turning often, until sauce is thick and mostly absorbed.
7. Serve hot over rice of choice.

Cooking Tips

No veggies? No problem. Leave them out.

I typically use Nishiki Sushi Rice cooked in my Zojirushi rice cooker.

Only add enough sauce to cover, otherwise you run the risk of drowning the veggies and protein (you can always add more if needed!)

For my toddler, I set aside some of the fried tofu and paneer to serve with plum sauce and rice.

If you only have one frying pan, move one batch to bowl before simmering the other batch in sauce, and re-heat if needed.

The tofu is a more savory option, while the paneer turns out a little sweeter.

Pairs well with Sriracha hot sauce.

Bon Appetit!

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