The Floured Mom

You know how siblings are brutally honest?

Well, my sister opened a cookie business.

So allow me to be honest with you.

I hate to admit this, but…


I could not choose one photo.

Here is a slideshow I made to feature her artwork.

Her cookies are featured at local fairs around the GTA, and she frequently partners with charities to provide donations and support for local causes.

This holiday season, she is offering “Cookies for Cans 2021” which provides non-perishable items to a local food bank, and she was recently featured at a local fair to showcase her work.

She offers personalized cookies, boxed sets, holiday sets, birthday gifts, shower favors and more.

They are not only gorgeous, but delicious, too.

She somehow managed to find the perfect recipe.

The cookie is tasty, and the icing is not too sweet.

Local pickup available in Stoney Creek and Selkirk.

DM her on Instagram or Facebook for more information and ideas!

Prices vary by order.

Contact information and order form can be found on Instagram or Facebook.

Bon Appetit!

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All Rights Reserved

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