Kyoto House

There is nothing quite like all you can eat.

Sushi is a long-time favorite food of mine.

Finding good vegetarian sushi was hard.

At Kyoto House, they made it so easy!

They have delicious inari sushi, and a variety of rolls including mango, cucumber, avocado and radish.

I also appreciate that the pieces are smaller, as opposed to some chains that serve giant rolls.

Their roll serving size allows me to eat several different types before filling up!

And all of them are delicious.

Their vegetable fried udon is a longtime favorite, and the fried vegetable tempura is always a go-to.

The mango hand roll was a hit with our toddler, too.

Plus, the miso soup, edamame and green salad all make great appetizer choices.

On top of the food, the service was really friendly, pandemic conscious and warm.

They offer take-out and a-la-carte, too.

Thank you again, Kyoto house!

We cannot wait to come back again soon.

Price: $17.99 for adults AYCE lunch

I could not find a website or social media at the time the review was written.

Bon appetit!

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