Top 5 Things Spiritual Advisor Would Never Do & How to Spot a Scam

I wanted to kick off the Top 5 series here by diving into one of the most prevalent online scams.

Spiritual advisers are flooding the market, but how do you know who is valid and who is fraudulent?

#1. They Solicit You on Social Media

Valid healers understand divine timing.

They know that when the time is right, a person will contact them and inquire about services. If an account on social media messages you privately and insists that spirit needs to deliver a message, block that user.

Spiritual advisors will never seek you out.

#2. And Insist You Return to Them

If a spiritual service provider insists that you must purchase fancy items like crystals, tarot decks, or even further services from them, run.

This is a way for them to obtain more of your money and gain income from your fear, situation or suffering. Valid healers will not put you in financial jeopardy like that.

Honest spiritual healers want you to gain the most from the experience, and allow you to choose whether or not to hire them again in the future.

Scammers prey on people who are suffering or grieving and will attempt to have you return by telling you to pay for other items they sell, or insist that you return.

You should always be in control of the situation and should feel empowered by a healer, not indebted to them.

#3. They Warn You of Demons

If they insist you are being followed by a demon that only they can remove, consider it a major red flag.

If you feel like you are being targeted by an evil presence, the source to the disruption can be found on your own.

This often comes in the form of letting go of toxic friendships or relationships, forgiving yourself or seeking out professional therapists to assess and guide you.

No single person for any amount of money will be able to magically free you from a bad situation.

Trust in self-advocacy and never let anyone intimidate or scare you into purchasing services.

#4. And Charge Substantial Fees

You really want to hire a spiritual service, but they charge hundreds or thousands of dollars. Red flag.

Look for reviews and for duplicate accounts to ensure you are obtaining services from a trusted provider.

Service charges are usually fair-priced and based around time and effort taken in providing a service.

Always take personal finances into consideration when spending money on a service.

Most tarot readings or spiritual services can be purchased for a one-time fee, and many offer free bonus services on social media, too.

#5. They Gatekeep Information

There is a significant amount of information widely available on the internet today. Almost anything you want to know can be learned online for free.

If a healer tells you that they know something that can only be delivered by them, block them.

Spirit doesn’t work like that.

You can ask your spirit guides at any time to guide you towards resources or information, and anyone can learn how to read tarot cards with some persistence and intent.

Look for those who freely offer information, resources or redirection without considering themselves the only source.

Empowerment and knowledge comes from diverse sources of learning and this information is widely available through books and the internet.


Want to learn more?

Here are some resources I have used in the past:

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How to Know Higher Worlds by Rudolf Steiner
Inner Engineering by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev
Basic Teachings of the Buddha by Glenn Wallis

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